Red Hat Application Stack Errata Support Policy


Red Hat has established fixed life cycles for the Red Hat Application Stack that will allow customers and partners to plan their resources, certifications, and implementations accordingly.

To facilitate customer maintenance cycles, each Red Hat Application Stack will be supported via errata service packs. These service packs will contain security, bug fix, and enhancement errata that have been qualified on the appropriate Red Hat Application Stack release. Security errata will be the only errata released independent of service packs. To minimize the impact of security errata, Red Hat has a policy of back-porting security fixes whenever possible.


For a period of three years from the initial release (general availability), Red Hat will provide errata maintenance for each Application Stack. To facilitate and retain the high standard of stability inherent in the Red Hat enterprise products, the three years are divided into two phases of maintenance.


This table summarizes the two support phases after General Availability (GA) of a major release.

Support phase

Years after GA

Support provided

Full Support

0–2 years

Full support: see Scope of Coverage

Maintenance Support

2–3 years

Maintenance only: security errata and mission-critical bug fixes

Full Support

Start date: General Availability
End date: 2 years from General Availability date
Description: During the full support phase, support will be provided for both production and development use according to the published Scope of Coverage for Red Hat Application Stack, available at During the Full Support phase, all available and qualified errata will be applied via service packs (or as required for security level errata). Updated ISO images will only be provided during the Full Support phase.

Maintenance Support

Start date: 2 years from General Availability (end of full support)
End date: at least 1 year from end of full support (3 years from General Availability)
Description: During the maintenance phase, support will be provided for production use only according to the published Scope of Coverage for Red Hat Application Stack, available at: During this phase, only security errata rated as having Critical impact (definition at ) will be released.

Red Hat Application Stack Version 1

General Availability: September 18, 2006
Full Support: September 18, 2006 – September 17, 2008
Maintenance: September 18, 2008 – September 17, 2009

Red Hat Application Stack Version 2

General Availability: September 18, 2007
Full Support: September 18, 2007 – September 17, 2009
Maintenance: September 18, 2009 – September 17, 2012