Red Hat Developer Tools for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Support Policy

Support Policy

The Red Hat Developer Tools utilize a rolling release support model, which is best suited for fast-evolving products like these tools. In this support model, support will only be provided on the latest release. If a non-security related bug is discovered in the current version, we will work to address it in the next scheduled release. The life cycle of each release and the release cadence will be selected based on what makes sense for the product.

Products covered by this support policy adhere to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Life Cycle errata criteria for the Production Phase of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. For example, during the Maintenance Support 2 phase, the tools will receive Red Hat-defined Critical and Important impact Security Advisories (RHSAs) in the current release and selected (at Red Hat discretion) Urgent Priority Bug Fix Advisories (RHBAs) in the next or last scheduled release. New versions will become available as needed during the full 10 years of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 life. Please see the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Life Cycle page for more information.

These products will not have a corresponding Extended Update Support (EUS) nor an Extended Life Cycle Support (ELS) offering.

Current releases and product information

Product Release Date Toolset Version Product Version Previous Release
LLVM Dec 1, 2020 2020.4 10.0.1 LINK2
Go Dec 1, 2020 2020.4 1.14.7 LINK2
Rust Mar 16, 2021 2021.1 1.47 LINK2
The above-mentioned tools are available for the following architectures: x86_64, Power LE, aarch64, S390x.
  1. Software enhancements are additions of new functionality beyond correcting defects or enabling previously existing functionality on a new hardware generation.
  2. For “Choose products here:” use “Red Hat Developer Tools".