Container Tools AppStream - Content Availability


Commencing with the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, software is now life cycled and delivered through a mechanism Red Hat brands Application Streams, or AppStreams for short. AppStreams enable the flexible delivery of multiple versions of software during a major release of RHEL, decoupling the respective Appstream’s content; whether RPMs or Modules from the overarching life cycle, enabling select userland content to be refreshed on a more regular cadence.

The objective of this document is to outline the content and support levels made available through the various Container Tools Module AppStreams, ensuring customers and partners can effectively plan for and deploy to their systems.


The Container Tools Module comprises of software packages required to build and run Linux Containers on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Released via an AppStream, the content within the Container Tools Module can be available and released more quickly than pieces of software in core RHEL.

The primary piece of software core to this Module is Podman, but there are many other pieces of software including, but not limited to Buildah and Skopeo. As and when required, packages may be added to the module per the Container Tools product roadmap. Podman, Buildah, Skopeo and other tools like CRIU and Udica are released together in the Container Tools Module as an Application Stream. This gives customers a stable set of tools that work together because they were built, tested, documented, and released in unison.

Container Tools is delivered through two different categories of Application Streams; a single rolling stream which is supported throughout the entire life of RHEL 8; and several stable streams which are released during the active phase of RHEL 8. Each of these are differentiated by the rate of change and maintenance for the content.

The Rolling Stream enables developers to get access to the latest version of Container Tools Module content, delivered up to four times per year. These content releases will continually rebase on the latest, stable, upstream versions of Podman, Buildah, Skopeo and other tools like CRIU and Udica. Since these are always new versions, they will include new features, bug fixes, and security updates. This Stream spans throughout the entire RHEL 8 life cycle, and is continually updated to provide the latest cutting edge features for the Container Tools Module.

The Stable Streams helps users manage risk. This is a traditional value proposition for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and the container-tools module continues to deliver on this. Users who just want to install, can “lock in” on a stable version, and lieu of the introduction of new features. The version of Podman, Buildah, and Skopeo will remain the same, but security fixes will be backported for the life cycle of the stream. Select bug fixes may be made available at Red Hat’s discretion. New stable streams will be delivered once a year, and supported for two years.

Extended Update Support (EUS)

The Container-Tools AppStreams do not provide support nor maintenance updates in conjunction with the Extended Update Support (EUS) channels. Systems configured to use Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 EUS will not receive updates if the Container-Tools AppStreams are configured. Users seeking security and select bug fixes for fixed versions of Container-Tools should configure an available Stable Stream for an active minor release of RHEL.

Planning Roadmap

Stream Stream Category Start of Support End of Support
container-tools:rhel8 Rolling RHEL 8.0 May 2029 (RHEL8 retirement)
container-tools:1.0 Stable RHEL 8.0 On release of RHEL 8.4
container-tools:2.0 Stable RHEL 8.2 On release of RHEL 8.6
container-tools:3.0 Stable RHEL 8.4 On release of RHEL 8.8