Technical Support Contact Schedules

For the Software Subscriptions, you may contact Red Hat through your designated Support Contacts. You may designate up to the number of contacts described in Table 2.8 below based on the number of Standard and Premium Software Subscriptions you have purchased (other than for Academic Edition Customers with Campus Wide Subscriptions*). We will provide Subscription Services to you solely by communicating during the Hours of Coverage with the individual Support Contact(s) you appoint. For Premium Support, in order to receive 24x7 coverage for Severity 1 and 2 issues, you must provide a dedicated point of contact to be available until the issue is resolved. You may change your designated Support Contacts by notifying us in writing and giving us five business days to process the change. The Support Contacts should have “read and write” access to the necessary files, English language communication skills and relevant technical knowledge.

Number of Standard and Premium Software Subscriptions (excluding Red Hat JBoss Subscriptions) Number of Cores included in Red Hat JBoss Software Subscriptions Support Contacts
1 to 250 1 to 255 Up to 20
251 to 1,000 256 to 1,024 Up to 40
Every additional 1,000 Every additional 1,024 40 additional

For Academic Edition Customers with Campus Wide Subscriptions, you may have three (3) Support Contacts for every one thousand (1,000) FTEs.