Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Engine Supported Features

The following lists the components that are supported with a Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Engine Subscription.

Supported in OpenShift Kubernetes Engine
Core Kubernetes and Container Orchestration
Enterprise Class Kubernetes with automated installers (IPI and UPI) Yes
RHEL VDC and Red Hat CoreOS Yes
Windows Containers Compatible Yes
Enterprise Ready Configurations
Complete Life Cycle Automation of Platform with Over the Air Updates Yes
Cluster Mgmt, Monitoring, Alerting, Remedy (Prometheus) Yes
Enterprise Ready Security, Network Policy Yes
Standard Infrastructure Services
Edge Routing Yes
Advanced Networking Yes
OpenShift Virtualization (CNV) Yes
Kubernetes Storage Plugins Yes
Core User Experience
Application Deployments, Deployment Config, Templates, and Operators Yes
Administrator Persona Console Yes
Operator Life Cycle Mgmt Yes
kubectl and oc command line Yes
Projects Yes
Maintained and Curated Content
RHCC Content (Software Collections) Yes
ISV/Partner Operator Content access Yes
OperatorHub to Cloud Content Yes
Compatible Red Hat Addons (not included)
OpenShift Container Storage Compatible Yes
Red Hat Middleware Compatible Yes
Quay Integration Compatible Yes
Red Hat Advanced Cluster Manager for Kubernetes Compatible Yes

Further details can be found in the OpenShift Kubernetes Engine documentation.