LBaaS Agent does not clean up HAproxy PIDs that are spawned during when stopped.

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Openstack Platform 4.0


  • The LBaaS Agent does not clean up HAproxy PIDs that are spawned by it upon stopping the agent, this leaves orphaned Programs that are hard to administer.


  • All agents don't stop their spawned services when they are stopped or restarted. For example the L3 agent doesn't kill its routers when it is stopped.
  • This is by design, so that the control plane and the data plane are kept separated.

  • One of the possible fix for this is to modify stop) section of the case statement in the init script and add the following command to kill haproxy when stopping agent :

pkill -u nobody haproxy
  • OpenStack launches all haproxy proxies as nobody and this would also ensure that the haproxy of an HA environment (if neutron was running on the same server) is not killed off.

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