multipath is showing one faulty path for each LUN in RHEL 5

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.10


  • RHEL 5.10 system attached to HP P9500 Storage Array SAN is showing 1 of 4 LUN paths as faulty. All LUN's are showing the second path as failed.
     2:0:1:0 sdae 65:224 0   [undef][faulty] HP,OPEN-V    
     2:0:1:1 sdaf 65:240 0   [undef][faulty] HP,OPEN-V    
     2:0:1:2 sdag 66:0   0   [undef][faulty] HP,OPEN-V    
     2:0:1:3 sdah 66:16  0   [undef][faulty] HP,OPEN-V    
     2:0:1:4 sdai 66:32  0   [undef][faulty] HP,OPEN-V    
     2:0:1:5 sdaj 66:48  0   [undef][faulty] HP,OPEN-V    
     2:0:1:6 sdak 66:64  0   [undef][faulty] HP,OPEN-V    
     2:0:1:7 sdal 66:80  0   [undef][faulty] HP,OPEN-V    
     2:0:1:8 sdam 66:96  0   [undef][faulty] HP,OPEN-V    
     2:0:1:9 sdan 66:112 0   [undef][faulty] HP,OPEN-V  


  • If a closed ELS event was received, that would explain the lack of connectivity. To reinitialize the exchange, a LIP would need to be issued for the faulty host. As an example, this can be performed by the following:
# echo 1 > /sys/class/fc_host/host2/issue_lip

The above should reinitialize the login exchange and bring the paths back once a successful path_checker iteration completes.

Root Cause

  • There is a FCP Target port in 'Not Present' port_state and it was determined that there was a configuration change on the port that cause the port to go down:
Class Device = "0-3"
  Class Device path = "/sys/class/fc_remote_ports/rport-2:0-3"
    dev_loss_tmo        = "30"
    fast_io_fail_tmo    = "off"
    maxframe_size       = "4294967295 bytes"
    node_name           = "0xffffffffffffffff"
    port_id             = "0xffffffff"
    port_name           = "0x50060e8016049100"
    port_state          = "Not Present"
    roles               = "unknown"
    scsi_target_id      = "1"

If an FCP Target port does not respond within dev_loss_tmo, the port is placed in 'Not Present' state and access to targets are blocked, the signature remains to persist the scsi target id binding in case the port is re-established. All IO, including the multipathd path_checker are blocked.

Diagnostic Steps

Get the output of the following commands:

# systool -c fc_remote_ports -v 
# systool -c fc_host -v 
# for d in $(ls /sys/block |grep sd); do echo $d - `cat /sys/block/$d/device/state`; done

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