Cannot use yum command and subscription-manager shows the status as "False" in "Active:" row

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
  • Subscription Manager
  • Red Hat Satellite 6.x


  • Cannot use yum command.
  • Cannot list all the repository assigned to the client.
  • subscription-manager list --consumed shows the subscription status as "False" in "Active:" row:
# subscription-manager list --consumed
   Consumed Subscriptions
Subscription Name: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server, Standard (1-2 sockets) (Up to 1 guest) (L3-only)
Provides:          Oracle Java (for RHEL Server)
                   Red Hat Software Collections Beta (for RHEL Server)
                   Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
                   Red Hat Beta
SKU:               RH0********
Contract:          10******
Account:           5******
Serial:            35*****************
Pool ID:           8a******************************
Active:            False
Quantity Used:     1
Service Level:     STANDARD
Service Type:      L3
Status Details:
Starts:            05/01/2014
Ends:              05/01/2015
System Type:       Physical


  • Configure the ntpd and synchronize with standard time, or adjust the system time correctly.

Root Cause

  • In a certain case, adjustment the system time will recover from this behavior.

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