Setting HTTP path in Camel HTTP Netty producer

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  • Red Hat JBoss Fuse
    • 6.1


  • How to dynamically set the path part of the destination HTTP address in the Camel Netty HTTP producer?
  • Setting HTTP path in Camel HTTP Netty producer.


CamelHttpPath header can be used for setting HTTP path in Camel HTTP Netty producer. This option is available starting from Camel 2.13.1/2.12.4 (JBoss Fuse 6.1 Patch R1). It allows to provide URI context-path and query parameters as a String value that overrides the endpoint configuration. This allows to reuse the same producer for calling same remote http server, but using a dynamic context-path and query parameters.

For example to call the URL, use the following code snippet:

producerTemplate.sendBodyAndHeader("netty-http:", "message", Exchange.HTTP_PATH, "/somepath");

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