What tools can be used for stress test in JBoss EAP?

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  • What tools can be used for stress tests for deployed applications in JBoss EAP?
  • Do you know how can I do JBoss stress test?
  • Are there any specific tools for Jboss to run Performance Testing?
  • Do you have information about load testing EAP using a load testing tool for example Jmeter?
  • How to connect Jmeter to Jboss EAP 6.1


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Red Hat does not provide tools for load testing, although there are many tools in the market for load testing an application server such as JBoss EAP, some are commercial and some are free for example Apache JMeter, Faban, Gatling and SmartFRog.

Since these are third-party applications, Red Hat does not provide official documentation on their usage, but there are numerous online resources which could be used.

With that said, JMeter is a popular choice for load testing Java applications out in the Java community, so it would be a place to start.

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