ActiveMQ products clarification

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Could you clarify the differences/similarities of the Apache MQ products available by Red Hat?

  • JBoss A-MQ (the name of the product to download)
  • Fuse MQ Enterprise
  • Fuse Message Broker / Apache Active MQ


So basically all the three products above are based on the same Apache ActiveMQ product.
"Fuse Message Broker" [1] was the very first version of the product developed by the FuseSource [2] company. Later it got re-branded to "Fuse MQ Enterprise" [3]. Short time after re-branding, FuseSource got acquired by Red Hat. After the acquisition, "Fuse MQ Enterprise" got re-branded to "JBoss A-MQ" [4].

What is difference between plain Apache ActiveMQ and JBoss A-MQ? JBoss A-MQ is running in an OSGi container (Karaf [5]) instead of being a plain JVM. JBoss A-MQ also comes with JBoss Fuse Fabric [6] pre-installed which makes it much easier to manage and provision broker instances and broker topologies on multiple machines. JBoss A-MQ can be monitored using the lightweight Hawtio [7] web console or with the JBoss Operations Network [8] software.


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