Blank screen during installation when using certain NVIDIA Quadro Graphics Adapters under Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 and 6.2
  • NVIDIA Quadro 2000, 4000, and 6000 Graphics Adapters


  • During installation of Red Hat Enterprise 6 on a sever equipped with certain Nvidia Quadro Graphics Adapters the system may not boot.
  • After logging out as user, screen goes blank
  • After logging out in gui mode screen goes white and hangs


  • In order for the system to properly boot during installation it is necessary to utilize the following grub command line option during install

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Just adding a note from [1]:

Booting with "nomodeset" kernel parameter disables Kernel Mode Setting and display falls back to legacy mode. Using this option disables power management and it usually breaks features like suspend, multihead support, output hotplug, acceleration, etc

Red Hat Engineering does not recommend using this option. This option could be used as a workaround till real bug causing problem is fixed. This option will not be available in RHEL7.


so is it fixed?