Is Cygwin supported?

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  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008
  • All 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows since 2003 Server.


  • Is Cygwin supported by Red Hat?
  • Is a subscription required for Cygwin support?
  • How do we get support for Cygwin issues?


Is Cygwin Supported by Red Hat?

For customers with existing Cygwin Support subscriptions, Cygwin Support is provided by Global Engineering Services (GES).

  • Cygwin Support subscriptions are no longer being sold by Red Hat.

  • Support is available only to customers who have previously purchased subscriptions and whose subscriptions are still active.

  • If you do not have an active subscription but still need support, please engage the Cygwin community at

  • Cygwin Support does require one of three Cygwin-specific subscriptions. 1

  • Cygwin is not supported by Global Support Services (GSS). 2

Red Hat continues to be involved in the Cygwin community. Red Hat engineers continue to contribute code to the project.

How to Engage GES for Cygwin Support Issues?

Please open Support cases for Cygwin issues by using the IssueTracker: Cygwin Web Support System (IssueTracker)

Note: Cygwin cases are not worked through the common Platform/Middleware "Customer Portal" Web interface or Phone channels used by GSS. (GES, which does support Cygwin, will not be able to view such cases.) 3

How to acquire a Cygwin License Contract?

As of March 1, 2016 Red Hat no longer sells the commercial Buyout License for Cygwin. The commercial license is no longer necessary because Cygwin is now being distributed under the GNU Lesser GPL (LGPL).

  • Cygwin License Contract details can be found at the link in the footnote(1), below.

Where can I download Cygwin?

Please visit the Cygwin project at:

  1. For more information on the types of Cygwin support license contracts, please see the "Diagnostics Section" below. 

  2. GES handles all Cygwin delivery and support through a separate dedicated system, which is different from the standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux Support subscription system. 

  3. Cases regarding Cygwin cannot be opened through the common "Customer Portal" Web interface, nor by any engineers contacted through GSS Phone support lines. - For any issues opening cases with IssueTracker, please contact a Customer Service representative by phone, or the Custom Engineering Services team by online form (see the "Diagnostics Section" below). 

Root Cause

Cygwin binaries have been available to the public, but support requires a Cygwin License Contract with Red Hat Global Engineering Services (GES).

  • Red Hat Global Engineering Services (GES) is separate from Global Support Services (GSS).

  • GES provides Cygwin Support through a separate IssueTracker system.

  • GSS standard Platform/Middleware Web Support Case System (Customer Portal) and Phone contacts do not provide support for Cygwin cases.

Please see the "Resolution" section of this article for the appropriate contact procedure.

Diagnostic Steps

Checking for Cygwin support

Cygwin Support through Red Hat requires a subscription.

  • Check for the subscription, which should show under the Customer Portal.

    • In the top bar, select the menu item: "Subscriptions" then click -> "View All" under "My Subscriptions". You can also follow this link to your "[Active Subscriptions](". A subscription entry like one of the following should be listed:
      • GES Cygwin User Support
      • GES Cygwin Developer Support
      • GES Cygwin License Buy-out

Without a Cygwin Support contact, Red Hat cannot provide web or phone support.

Verify Cygwin is running on a Supported platform

As of the creation of this article:

  • Red Hat Cygwin is supported on all 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows since 2003 Server. Cygwin is available as both a 32- and 64-bit platform supporting 32 on 32-bit, 32 on 64-bit, and 64 on 64-bit installations.

For immediate issues with Cygwin, with a Cygwin subscription, please use the IssueTracker Web Support link discussed in the Resolution section.

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