How to check JDG version ?

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  • Red Hat JBoss Data Grid (JDG)
    • 6.6
    • 7.x


  • How can we check the JDG version ?


  • In JDG, the version can be identified in one of the following manners:
$ ./bin/ -V

INFO  [stdout] (main) JBoss Data Grid 6.2.0 (AS 7.2.1.Final-redhat-10)
  • Look for the following string in {JBOSS_HOME}/{standalone/domain}/log/server.log :
INFO  [] (Controller Boot Thread) JBAS015874: JBoss Data Grid 6.2.0 (AS 7.2.1.F\
inal-redhat-10) started in 3531ms - Started 92 of 129 services (37 services are passive or on-demand)  
  • Connect to a running JDG instance by executing $JBOSS_HOME/bin/ -c or $JBOSS_HOME/bin/ Then run the version command in the CLI command prompt:
standalone@localhost:9990 /] version
JBoss Admin Command-line Interface
JBOSS_HOME: $JBOSS_HOME/jboss-datagrid-7.1.0-server
JBoss AS release: 2.1.10.Final-redhat-1 "Kenny"
JBoss AS product: Data Grid 7.1.0
java.version: 1.8.0_131
java.vm.vendor: Oracle Corporation
java.vm.version: 25.131-b12 Linux
os.version: 3.10.0-693.11.6.el7.x86_64

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