Kernel panics in path_init in presence of sisips module

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
  • sisips kernel module


The machine experiences panic in the path_init() routine:

BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 0000000000000008
IP: [<ffffffffa52583fb>] path_init+0x33b/0x3f0


Please consider contacting sisips kernel module vendor for possible assistance.

Root Cause

The panic happens under following conditions:

  • the panic task is exiting
  • the task_struct.fs member is set to NULL as expected via the exit_fs() call
  • while processing fput() callbacks in the task exit path the sisips kernel module code chain is triggered leading to manipulation with the NULL'ified ->fs member, which is not expected by the core kernel code

Diagnostic Steps

The following panic task call chain applies:

crash> bt
PID: 1169   TASK: ffff93dc1deba0e0  CPU: 5   COMMAND: "sshd"
#10 [ffff93da03e5b2f0] async_page_fault at ffffffffa57847a8
    [exception RIP: path_init+0x33b]
#11 [ffff93da03e5b3f8] path_lookupat at ffffffffa525ae15
#12 [ffff93da03e5b490] filename_lookup at ffffffffa525b6ab
#13 [ffff93da03e5b4c8] kern_path at ffffffffa525d3b5
#14 [ffff93da03e5b598] sisips_path_lookup at ffffffffc02f76be [sisips]
#15 [ffff93da03e5b5d8] ReadSymLink at ffffffffc02f7748 [sisips]
#16 [ffff93da03e5b6b0] _Z26GetProcessPathFromProcLinkiPci at ffffffffc0308251 [sisips]
#17 [ffff93da03e5b6d0] _Z14SetProcessPathP7Process at ffffffffc030841a [sisips]
#18 [ffff93da03e5b6f0] _Z12SetUpProcessP7Process at ffffffffc0308b00 [sisips]
#19 [ffff93da03e5b720] _ZN13ProcessCommon10GetProcessEi at ffffffffc031ff26 [sisips]
#20 [ffff93da03e5b740] AppfireCheckConnect at ffffffffc0306b67 [sisips]
#21 [ffff93da03e5b7c0] hook_dgram_sendmsg at ffffffffc02f2f21 [sisips]
#22 [ffff93da03e5b828] sock_sendmsg at ffffffffa562f3a6
#23 [ffff93da03e5b988] kernel_sendmsg at ffffffffa562f417
#41 [ffff93da03e5bdb8] __fput at ffffffffa524cb2c
#42 [ffff93da03e5be00] ____fput at ffffffffa524cd8e
#43 [ffff93da03e5be10] task_work_run at ffffffffa50c2d2b
#44 [ffff93da03e5be50] do_exit at ffffffffa50a2044
#45 [ffff93da03e5bee8] do_group_exit at ffffffffa50a283f
#46 [ffff93da03e5bf18] sys_exit_group at ffffffffa50a28b4
#47 [ffff93da03e5bf28] hook_exit_group at ffffffffc02f0461 [sisips]

The path_init() code expects current->fs value to not be NULL:

 677 static __always_inline void set_root_rcu(struct nameidata *nd)
 678 {
 679     if (!nd->root.mnt) {
 680         struct fs_struct *fs = current->fs;

In this case it, however, is:

crash> task -R fs
PID: 1169   TASK: ffff93dc1deba0e0  CPU: 5   COMMAND: "sshd"
  fs = 0x0,

It is set in the task exit path as expected:

 93 void exit_fs(struct task_struct *tsk)
 94 {
 95     struct fs_struct *fs = tsk->fs;
 97     if (fs) {
101         tsk->fs = NULL;

 794 void do_exit(long code)
 795 {
 883     exit_fs(tsk);

Thus, it is not expected for the sisips kernel module to manipulate on these data.

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