Anaconda does not honour inst.geoloc=0 to disable geolocation

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  • RHEL 7.0 Beta.
  • Anaconda versions lower than 19.31.51-1.


  • Anaconda runs geolocation even when inst.geoloc=0 is specified on the kernel command line.
  • This can make the instalation take even 5 more minutes while running the gelocation code.


  • Add 'nogeoloc' command line argument as a workaround until anaconda fix is released.
  • This issue has been fixed in anaconda versions higher than 19.31.51-1.

Root Cause

  • Anaconda was not properly using the argument as documented, causing delays because of the function not being properly disabled.

Diagnostic Steps

  • Validate cat /proc/cmdline from anaconda shell to ensure that it contains the inst.geoloc parameter:
inst.geoloc=0 ip= dns= netmask=
  • Check anaconda log:
15:14:27,503 DEBUG anaconda: Thread AnaInstallThread is running
15:14:27,504 DEBUG anaconda: Thread AnaGeolocationRefreshThread is running
15:14:27,505 DEBUG anaconda: Waiting for thread AnaGeolocationRefreshThread to exit
15:18:51,505 DEBUG anaconda: Geoloc: URLError for Fedora GeoIP API lookup:
<urlopen error timed out>
15:18:51,508 INFO anaconda: Geolocation lookup finished in 269.2 seconds
15:18:51,509 INFO anaconda: no results

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Still seeing this on RHEL 8.2 in the anaconda logs.

02:50:27,355 ERR geoloc: geoloc: wrong provider id specified: 0