Faild to su - for a specific user account

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux


  • There are two user account - oracle and orainfra
[root@localhost ~]# finger oracle
Login: oracle                           Name: Oracle Binaries owner
Directory: /home/oracle            Shell: /usr/bin/ksh

[root@localhost ~]# finger orainfra
Login: orainfra                         Name: OID Binaries owner
Directory: /home/orainfra          Shell: /usr/bin/ksh
  • orainfra has no issue in log in, but oracle can't log in
[root@localhost ~]# su – oracle
[root@localhost ~]#

[root@testdb02 ~]# su – orainfra


  • Please check if there's any syntax error in /home/oracle/.profile
  • You can try the login after moving .profile to other name
  • In the case of bash, it's /home/oracle/.bashrc and /home/oracle/.bash_profile
  • Component
  • ksh

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