OADP cannot sync backup into the cluster

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  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (RHOCP)
    • 4.12
  • OpenShift API for Data Protection
    • 1.2.1


  • Backup is created but does not sync with the Attempting to sync backup into cluster message in the Velero logs.


  • UseOwnerReferencesBackup specifies whether to use OwnerReferences on backups created by this schedule.
  • Add useOwnerReferencesInBackup: true in the back-up CRD YAML as shown below.

    $ oc edit backup <backup-name> -n openshift-adp 
        storageLocation: velero-1
        ttl: 336h0m0s
      useOwnerReferencesInBackup: true   <-------------

Root Cause

The application changes to OutOfSync if the backup is linked to the schedule, the situation remains Synced.

Diagnostic Steps

  • Check for the Attempting to sync backup into cluster and Found 3 backups in the backup location that do not exist in the cluster and need to be synced messages in the Velero logs:

    $ oc logs <velero-pod-name> -n openshift-adp
    time="20XX-XX-XXT19:22:ZZZ" level=info msg="Attempting to sync backup into cluster" backup=backup-secrets-14- 
    202020202021 backupLocation=openshift-adp/velero-1 controller=backup-sync logSource="/remote- 
  • The backups are not shown:

    $ oc get backups -n openshift-adp
    No resources found in openshift-adp namespace.
  • Check for the below error in the logs.

    error message:
     error="backups.velero.io \"backup-secrets-14-202020202021\" not found" 

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