Is it possible to have multiple security configurations for http-provider in JBoss SOA-P 5?

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  • Red Hat JBoss SOA Platform (SOA-P)
    • 5.x


Is that possible to declare security domains per http-provider in jboss-esb.xml file?


It's not possible at the moment. A workaround is to use multiple ESB deployments, one per security configuration needed.

Root Cause

This is not possible because the security configuration is shared by all endpoints. The quickstart http_provider shows how is the security configuration for http providers and it is global:

        <!-- Security setting for all http-providers and all EBWSs in this jboss-esb.xml file.-->
        <war-security method="BASIC" domain="JBossWS" /> <!-- uname: "kermit" pw: "thefrog" -->

JBESB-3903 was created to address this issue in future releases.

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