RHACS operator pod restarting due to OOM

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  • Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security 3


  • RHACS operator pod is getting restarted due to OOM issue. Below are the events can be seen in rhacs-operator namespace.
Warning   ProbeError           pod/rhacs-operator-controller-manager-xxxx   Readiness probe error: Get "http://<IP>:8081/readyz": dial tcp <IP>:8081: connect: connection refused...

From describing the pod below error logs are seen:

message: back-off 2m40s restarting failed container=manager pod=rhacs-operator-controller-manager-xxxxxxx_openshift-rhacs-operator(zzzzzzzzzz)


  • This is know to engineering and currently being worked upon. Please apply below workaround to fix the issue.
  • Take a backup and edit CSV for the operator and increase the manager container's requests.limits resource.
# oc get csv <rhacs-operator> -oyaml &> rhacs-operator-csv.bak
# oc edit csv <rhacs-operator>
  • Configure it and update the values as below:
            cpu: 200m
            memory: 2Gi
            cpu: 200m
            memory: 2Gi

Diagnostic Steps

  • Check the pod status and it should be in CrashLoopBackOff state.
# oc get pods -n rhacs-operator
  • While describing the pod, it should show error code 137 (OOM)

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