Custom service script does not execute on system shutdown

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5


  • Created new service scripts to execute at boot and shutdown. Added to system with 'checkcfg --add' with no errors.

  • Boot portion works but shutdown does not even execute at all.

  • Running the init.d script, and boot/shutdown scripts manually works fine. It's just that chkconfig does not.


  • A lock file is required for SysVInit scripts.

  • Add touch /var/lock/subsys/<service> to the start() function.

  • Add rm -f /var/lock/subsys/<service> to the stop() function.

Root Cause

  • The SysVInit system makes the presumption that any daemon that requires a shutdown mechanism, beyond being terminated via a signal, maintains a lock file.

Diagnostic Steps

  • This document from the Fedora project explains how to create custom SysVInit service scripts.

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