Accessing internal listener of AMQ Stream using credentials

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  • Red Hat AMQ Streams (AMQ Stream)
    • 2.2
  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (RHOCP)
    • 4.10
  • AMQ Stream operator's custom resource configuration:

      - authentication:
          type: scram-sha-512
        name: plain
        port: 9092
        tls: false


  • How to access to the internal listener using credentials.


Use the following command to access to the internal listener with the provided credentials:

$ oc run kafka-producer -ti --rm=true --restart=Never -- /bin/bash -c "cat >/tmp/ <<EOF 
> security.protocol=SASL_PLAINTEXT
> sasl.mechanism=SCRAM-SHA-512
> required username=newuser password=newpassword;
> bin/ --broker-list my-cluster-kafka-bootstrap:9092 --topic my-topic  --producer.config=/tmp/
> "

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