How to change the location of imageCopyTmpDir for podman ?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9
  • podman 4


  • What is imageCopyTmpDir in podman ?
  • How to change imageCopyTmpDir location ?


  • Podman 4.x temporarily stores the data when pulling and building the image and this location is defined by the parameter imageCopyTmpDir
# podman info | grep imageCopyTmpDir
  imageCopyTmpDir: /var/tmp
  • This can temporarily be changed by running the below command,
# export TMPDIR=/var/tmp/testdir

Note that /var/tmp/testdir is mentioned as an example. Any location can be specified as per the requirement.
- To permanently change the location, a parameter needs to be added in /usr/share/containers/containers.conf file under [engine] section.

env = ["TMPDIR=/var/tmp/testdir"]
  • Verify the same from # podman info
[root@vm254-80 ~]# podman info | grep imageCopyTmpDir
  imageCopyTmpDir: /var/tmp/testdir

Note: This change applies for all the users(root and rootless) in the host.

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