Enable RedHat Openshift Logging plugin using CLI

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  • RedHat Openshift Container Platform
    • 4.x
  • RedHat Openshift Logging
    • 5.x


  • How can RedHat Openshift Logging plugin be enabled using CLI ?
  • Step 5 of this Deploying the LokiStack documentation mentions enabling Openshift Logging plugin using webconsole. How can this be achieved using CLI?


  • As per Deploying the LokiStack documentation, Openshift Logging plugin, i.e. logging-view-plugin is only available on OpenShift Container Platform 4.10 and later. The logging-view-plugin should appear automatically with cluster-logging-operator version >= 5.5 installed and with lokistack as a default log-store. If in case it has been disabled, the below oc patch command helps enable the same:

    $ oc patch consoles.operator.openshift.io cluster   --patch '{ "spec": { "plugins": ["logging-view-plugin"] }  }' --type=merge
    $ oc get consoles.operator.openshift.io cluster -o json | jq -r .spec.plugins
      "logging-view-plugin"                      <---------- this means that the plugin is enabled

Diagnostic Steps

  • Check the current status of logging-view-plugin. Below output shows that this plugin hasn't been enabled.

    $ oc get consoles.operator.openshift.io cluster -o json | jq -r .spec.plugins
      ""                               <---------this shows there aren't any plugins configured yet                         

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