Why is "podman container cleanup" used ?

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  • RHEL
  • Podman


  • podman container cleanup cleans up exited containers by removing all mount points and network configuration from the host.
  • The container name or ID can be used. The cleanup command does not remove the containers. Running containers will not be cleaned up.
  • Sometimes container mount points and network stacks can remain if thepodman command was killed or the container ran in daemon mode.
  • This command is automatically executed when containers are run in daemon mode by the conmon process when the container exits.


podman container cleanup [options] container [container …]


Clean up the container “mywebserver”. $ podman container cleanup mywebserver Clean up the containers with the names “mywebserver”, “myflaskserver”, “860a4b23”. $ podman container cleanup mywebserver myflaskserver 860a4b23

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