Unable to load inventory from the source due to error 'Host limit for organization exceeded!'

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  • Red Hat Ansible Tower 3.x
  • Red Hat® Ansible Automation Platform 2.x


  • Inventory import job Details tab page showing below error on the status field.

    Status : Host limit for organization exceeded!


  • Ensure Max Hosts limit set on the Organization: Organizations -> <select the organization> -> Edit -> Max Hosts: XX is not less than the hosts getting imported from the source.
    • Example: If inventory plugin is able to import 500 hosts from the source, then the 'Max Hosts' value should be > 500.

Root Cause

  • Max Host is the maximum number of hosts allowed to be managed by this organization. Value defaults to 0 which means no limit.
  • The inventory will not load hosts beyond the "Max Host" variable if is set to a non-zero number

Diagnostic Steps

  • Check for the failed inventory source api output:
    Where N is the inventory id.
    "id": 22127,
    "type": "inventory_update",
    "url": "/api/v2/inventory_updates/22127/",
    "related": {
        "created_by": "/api/v2/users/1/",
        "credential": "/api/v2/credentials/79/",
        "unified_job_template": "/api/v2/inventory_sources/717/",
        "stdout": "/api/v2/inventory_updates/22127/stdout/",
        "inventory_source": "/api/v2/inventory_sources/717/",
        "cancel": "/api/v2/inventory_updates/22127/cancel/",
        "notifications": "/api/v2/inventory_updates/22127/notifications/",
        "events": "/api/v2/inventory_updates/22127/events/",
        "source_project_update": "/api/v2/project_updates/22128/",
        "inventory": "/api/v2/inventories/160/",
        "credentials": "/api/v2/inventory_updates/22127/credentials/",
        "source_project": "/api/v2/projects/716/"

Output Trimmed

    "job_explanation": "",
    "execution_node": "<tower-node>",
    "result_traceback": "",
    "event_processing_finished": true,
    "inventory": 160,
    "inventory_source": 717,
    "license_error": false,
   "org_host_limit_error": true, 
    "source_project_update": 22128,
    "source_project": 716

  • "org_host_limit_error": true is indicating the Host Limit Error.

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