NullPointerException during server startup after migrating to EPP 5.2

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  • JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform (EPP) 5.2.0.GA


We have used the JBoss EPP 5.1 version and have now followed the steps in the 5.2 migration guide in order to take the JBoss EPP 5.2 into use.

We have also implemented our own portal extension.

When starting the server we noticed the following error. What might be causing this? And what should we do in order to get rid of this error?

ERROR [Portal:UserPortalConfigService] (main) Could not import initial data
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot convert null to primitive type org.chromattic.core.vt2.ValueDefinition@2f4e8fcd
     at org.chromattic.core.PersistentEntityContextState.getPropertyValue(
     at org.chromattic.core.ObjectContext.getPropertyValue(
     at org.chromattic.core.mapper.PropertyMapper$1.invoke(
     at org.chromattic.core.ObjectContext.invoke(


Upgrade to EPP 5.2.1.GA (once available)

If upgrading is not possible, apply the following patch for EPP 5.2.0:

Root Cause

The error is the result of a bug that has been discovered in the EPP 5.2.0.GA codebase:

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