How to update only 64 bit packages ?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 x86_64


  • While using yum update command on x86_64 architecture machine 32 bit packages are updated; Is there any way to only update 64 bit packages ?


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 version x86_64 architecture have by default only 64 bit packages installed.

  • In this case there are two options which can be tried,

    • Updating only 64 bit packages needs the 32 bit packages to removed completely. There are some scenarios where it is not possible or unacceptable to remove all 32 bit packages in that case second option can be used.

      # yum remove *i686
      • Once 32 bit packages are removed update 64 bit packages using yum,
      # yum update *x86_64
    • All those 64 bit packages who have dependencies of 32 bit packages can be skipped.

  • In case of improper yum repository, it's needed to recreate the repository with proper way.

Root Cause

  • There are some 64 packages while updating the system have dependencies of 32 bit packages like glibc.

  • Otherwise, in case that the yum repository is not created properly, 32 bit packages may be selected to be installed for dependency. For example, when libxml2 is updated on the system with libxml2-devel, if libxml2-devel is not in the repository, libxml2.i686 can be selected so that the installed libxml2-devel can resolve the dependency. (NOTE: it's not installed with protected_multilib=1, since the different versions of multiple architecture are installed as a result.)

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