Why does the 'sssd` service running on Red Hat Entperprise Linux 5 shuts down automatically?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
  • sssd-1.5.1-58.el5.x86_64
  • sssd-client-1.5.1-58.el5.x86_64
  • sssd-tools-1.5.1-58.el5.x86_64


  • On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, the sssd service automatically shutdowns with following error messages:
2014-02-22T06:24:43.749218-05:00 server1 sssd[nss]: Shutting down
2014-02-22T06:24:43.749317-05:00 server1 sssd[pam]: Shutting down
2014-02-22T06:24:50.770650-05:00 server1 sssd[be[LDAP]]: Shutting down


Update the sssd pacakge as per sssd-1.5.1-70.el5 or higher.

Root Cause

  • If machine is under heavy load, sssd_be process might not reconnect cleanly because there is no delay between the reconnection retries. Also the DBus sockets might not be ready yet.
  • If enumeration is enabled in sssd, the problem occurs when all the users and groups are being saved to the cache.
  • The cache store takes a long time during which the sssd_be process is blocked and does not respond to "ping" from the main sssd process which results in the sssd_be process being killed.

Diagnostic Steps

  • Check whether enumeration is enabled with option 'enumerate = true' in /etc/sssd/sssd.conf ?
  • Check the load on the server while sssd process shut down.

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