How to migrate JBoss BRMS from 5.x to 5.x version (minor releases)?

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  • JBoss BRMS (BRMS) 5.x


  • How should I migrate from JBoss BRMS 5.1.0 repository to 5.2.0?
  • How should I migrate from JBoss BRMS 5.2.0 repository to 5.3.x?


Exporting the current repository is the best approach to migrate JBoss BRMS repository.

  1. Backup old JBoss BRMS 5.x environment, database and schemas.
  2. Export repository from the old environment.
  3. Create a new database instance for the new installation.
  4. Install a new JBoss BRMS 5.x instance
  5. Start and shutdown the new JBoss BRMS instance so that a default repository.xml will be created
  6. Modify repository.xml to point to a new database instance (DO NOT point to the old Database instance which used to be used by old version)
  7. Start the new instance and import repository
  • Make sure your client application which uses rule packages also includes 5.2.0 libraries because serialised rule packages don't have backwards compatibility.

  • We recommend to create a new schema and remove old repository and workspace directories (Do not forget to backup it before).

Note: Just replacing 5.x jboss-brms.war with a new 5.x jboss-brms.war is NOT supported.

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