What is the maximum size of thin pool metadata?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8


  • What is the maximum size of thin pool metadata?


  • The supported value for the thin pool's metadata logical volume is in the range between 2MiB to approximately 15.88GiB as per BZ#1909699.
  • It can be hard to predict the amount of metadata space that will be needed, so it is recommended to start with a size of 1GiB which should be enough for all practical purposes. A thin pool metadata LV can later be manually or automatically extended if needed.
  • From man page of #lvmthin

         Size of pool metadata LV
         The amount of thin metadata depends on how many blocks are shared
         between thin LVs (i.e. through snapshots).  A thin pool with many
         snapshots may need a larger metadata LV.  Thin pool metadata LV
         sizes can be from 2MiB to approximately 16GiB.

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