Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Creating a New Cluster Fails When Reboot Before Joining Cluster Is Not Checked

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6 (with the High Availability Add on)
  • luci-0.23.0-13.el6
  • ricci-0.16.2-35.el6


When creating a new cluster from the Luci Web UI for hosts that do not have the cluster packages installed and if the  "Reboot node before joining cluster" is not checked then the cluster will fail to build correctly.


This isssue has been resolved with the release of the following errata: 2012-0898.

Root Cause

  • User installs ricci without modcluster and attempts to run cluster commands through ricci which will cause errors because modcluster is not installed. In previous versions modcluster was not required to be installed.

Diagnostic Steps

This issue only seems to occur if the cluster packages are not installed and if "Reboot node before joining cluster" is not checked.

  • After "Creating a New Cluster" with luci the status of the new cluster with "Currently Loading" and there will not be any cluster releated messages after the rpms are installed on the node(s).
  • There will not be a /etc/cluster/cluster.conf on the node(s).

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