How to specify username with domain name in proxy field in install-config.

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  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (RHOCP) 4.x


  • If user's are using NTLM authentication for proxy and required to pass the domain name in proxy field, it gives below error.
Invalid value: "http://DOMAINNAME\": parse "http://DOMAINNAME\": net/url: invalid userinfo]


  • While using the domain name with username, the installer did not recognize "\" as domain and username separator. Hence we need to use the ASCII values of "\" to define domain name and username.
    One can use the below format to achieve the same:

In this way, you can define domain name with username while using the proxy.

Root Cause

  • Installer did not recognizing the "\" as a domain and username separator.

Diagnostic Steps

  • If we use "\" with domain name and username, the installer throws an error of net/url: invalid userinfo.

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