Compound assignment operation BigDecimal_type_property += Numeric_value causes compilation errors in executable model.

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Building a rule which is written in MVEL dialect and contains a compound assignment operation BigDecimal_type_property += Numeric_value in executable model, compilation errors occur. Where Numeric_value is a numeric variable or a numeric literal.

For example, when I build a rule which uses a statement like (*1) with executable rule models enabled,

package com.example.reproducer

import com.example.reproducer.Bus

dialect "mvel"

rule "bus6a"
        $bus : Bus()
        $bus.weight += 1000;    ..... (*1)
        System.out.println("***** " + $bus + ", weight = " + $bus.weight);

// $bus.weight is a BigDecimal-type property.

compilation errors like below occur.

$ mvn clean compile exec:exec -DgenerateModel=YES
[INFO] --- maven-compiler-plugin:3.8.1:compile (default-compile-1) @ reproducer_model_compiler_6a_6b ---
[ERROR] /work2/testdir/reproducer_model_compiler_6a_6b/target/generated-sources/drools-model-compiler/main/java/com/example/reproducer/P86/[19,13] weight has private access in com.example.reproducer.Bus
[ERROR] /work2/testdir/reproducer_model_compiler_6a_6b/target/generated-sources/drools-model-compiler/main/java/com/example/reproducer/P86/[19,21] bad operand types for binary operator '+'
  first type:  java.math.BigDecimal
  second type: int

This issue occurs in the case of using the other basic operations -=, *=, /= as well as +=.


  • Red Hat Decision Manager (RHDM)
    • 7.5.0 - 7.9.1

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