Can I merge an LVM snapshot in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
  • LVM snapshots


  • Does LVM snapshot merge work in RHEL 5?


  • Using the --merge option of the lvconvert command does not work in RHEL5
  • The --merge option can be used in Rescue Mode if booted with RHEL6 installation media and the LV is not mounted, ie: 'When asked to Detect your current installation, choose No'.
  • Alternatively, all data from the snapshot can be copied into a new logical volume of equal size
# lvcreate -L <size> -n NewLV VolumeGroupName
# dd if=/dev/VolumeGroupName/OldLV of=/dev/VolumeGroupName/NewLV bs=8M  iflag=direct oflag=direct

Root Cause

  • Kernel support for merging LVM snapshots is not in RHEL5.
  • Only RHEL6 supports merging of LVM snapshots.
  • There are no plans to backport this functionality to RHEL5 due to the complexity of the changes required.

Diagnostic Steps

  • Look through the kernel source, in drivers/md/dm-snap.c, and look for "merge".  In RHEL5, there is no "merge" code.  This code only exists in RHEL6.
# grep merge ./rhel6/drivers/md/dm-snap.c -c
# grep merge ./rhel5/kernel/drivers/md/dm-snap.c -c
  • LV fails to activate after merge
  Can't process LV lv_name: snapshot-merge target support missing from kernel?
  • Check to see if dmsetup lists snapshot-merge as a target type
# dmsetup targets
multipath        v1.0.6
raid45           v1.0.0
snapshot-origin  v1.6.0
snapshot         v1.6.0
zero             v1.0.0
mirror           v1.2.0
striped          v1.1.0
linear           v1.0.2

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