User login attempts not found in the OpenShift audit log files

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  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.6 (OCP)
  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.7 (OCP)


  • Due to security audit logging requirement, there is the need to collect log on attempts performed on the OpenShift Container Platform


  • The service oauth-openshift in debug mode will provide the succeeded or failed log in of the user if it was not adjusted with another identity provider:

    • Enable the debug mode in the authentication operator
    $ oc edit
        logLevel: Debug  <-- change from Normal to Debug
      managementState: Managed
    • Wait for the openshift-authentication pods to restart
    watch oc get pods -n openshift-authentication
    NAME                               READY   STATUS              RESTARTS   AGE
    oauth-openshift-59d9dfbcf-5jmb4    1/1     Terminating         0          37m
    oauth-openshift-59d9dfbcf-n5hnx    1/1     Running           0          37m
    oauth-openshift-7ddc657f69-g7q7l   1/1     Running           0          9s
    oauth-openshift-7ddc657f69-m8xbn   0/1     ContainerCreating   0          3s
    • Verify in the pods log, the login attemps
    $ oc logs oauth-openshift-7ddc657f69-m8xbn
    I0217 08:23:56.354387       1 login.go:182] Login with provider "htpasswd_myusers" succeeded for "developer1": &user.DefaultInfo{Name:"developer1", UID:"5853541a-8ab6-4cf2-8822-d93348825ecb", Groups:[]string(nil), Extra:map[string][]string(nil)}
    I0217 08:25:41.071003       1 login.go:177] Login with provider "htpasswd_myusers" failed for "developer1"
    I0217 08:26:51.765063       1 login.go:177] Login with provider "htpasswd_myusers" failed for "test2"

Root Cause

  • OpenShift master 4.6 has split apart the oauth resources from openshift-apiserver into a new oauth-apiserver component, the change was done in order to allow the replacement of the built-in OAuth server with other identity provider.
  • Once another identity provider is plugged in, oauth-apiserver gets disabled.
  • The user management events are reported to the path "oauth-apiserver/audit-log" without enabling the debug mode, the login attempts are currently only reported to the logs of the oauth-openshift pods under debug mode.
  • RFE-520 is in progress to adjust audit log policy in a supported way, this will allow customer to adjust audit policy profile as required.

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