Obtaining Service Id of a Service

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  • SaaS
  • 2.X On-Premises


  • How to obtain a service_id (ID of service) corresponding to a service name when accessing 3scale API from command line ( e.g. curl )


Extract the service_id (ID of service) from a service system name using one of the following

  • Using 3scale Toolbox
3scale service show <my-remote> <SERVICE_SYSTEM_NAME> -o json | jq '.id'
  • or
export SERVICE_ID=$(curl -s GET "https://$ADMIN_PORTAL/admin/api/services.xml?access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN" | xmllint --xpath "//service[system_name='$SYSTEM_NAME']/id/text()" -)

Root Cause

It is not obvious how to obtain a service_id from a service whose system_name is known.

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