Can we remove the `freetype` package from RHEL?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
  • freetype


  • Can we remove the package freetype to avoid the vulnerability mentioned in CVE-2020-15999 for RHEL7and RHEL8?


  • freetype package has a dependency on the grub2 package. So, update the package to a fixed version i.e. freetype-2.8-14.el7_9.1 or a later version instead of removing it.

Root Cause

  • The package older than version freetype-2.8-14.el7_9.1 is affected by the vulnerability CVE-2020-15999 in RHEL7and RHEL8.
  • The freetype engine is a free and portable font rendering engine, developed to provide advanced font support for a variety of platforms and environments.
  • freetype can open and manages font files as well as efficiently load, hint, and render individual glyphs.

Diagnostic Steps

Dependencies Resolved
 Package                       Arch           Version             Repository          Size
 freetype                      x86_64         2.4.11-11.el7       @anaconda/7.2       878 k
Removing for dependencies:
 grub2                         x86_64         1:2.02-0.29.el7     @anaconda/7.2       7.1 M
 grub2-tools                   x86_64         1:2.02-0.29.el7     @anaconda/7.2        20 M

Transaction Summary
Remove  1 Package (+2 Dependent packages)

Installed size: 28 M
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