[RHOCP 4.6] Authentication operator degraded with error " WellKnownReadyController_SyncError "

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  • Red Hat Openshift Container Platform
    • 4.6 IPI
  • VMware vSphere


  • Authentication Operator fails with error,
    message: 'WellKnownReadyControllerDegraded: failed to GET kube-apiserver oauth
      endpoint https://10.xx.yy.zz:6443/.well-known/oauth-authorization-server: Forbidden'
    reason: WellKnownReadyController_SyncError
    status: 'True'
    type: Degraded


  • Edit the proxy configuration
$ oc edit proxy/cluster
  • Check the noproxy parameter in the spec section
  httpProxy: http://<ip>:80
  httpsProxy: http://<ip>:80
  noProxy: example.com
  • Add machine CIDR and vCenter IP to noproxy parameter

Root Cause

  • noproxy should contain a list of destination domain names, domains, IP addresses, or other network CIDRs to exclude proxying. One must include vCenter’s IP address and the IP range that is used for its machines.

Diagnostic Steps

  • Login to the OAuth pod and check if you can reach API through proxy
$ oc rsh <oauth pod> 
$ curl -kv https://$API:6443/.well-known/oauth-authorization-server

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