How to get OpenGL libraries in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6


  • How do I get an complete OpenGL development package for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0? There are numerous ‘.h’ files that are not included?
  • Where are the OpenGL development packages in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6?


  • Red Hat does not ship native OpenGL libraries, but does ship the Mesa libraries: an MIT licensed implementation of the OpenGL specification. You can add the Mesa OpenGL runtime libraries on your system by installing the following package:
[root@host ~]# yum install mesa-libGL
  • To add the Mesa development packages, install the following package:
[root@host ~]# yum install mesa-libGL-devel

Diagnostic Steps

  • For more information on what implementation of OpenGl the mesa version you are using , please check The Mesa 3D Graphics Library.

  • Additionally, it is possible to see what versions of mesa-libGl are available for your release by running the following command:

[root@host ~]# yum search --showduplicates mesa-libGL

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I have RHEL 6.i8 installed. I confirmed that it contains the MESA libEGL library. However, I cannot find "egl.h" anywhere on the file system. Where is it?