How to access RHEL 6 ELS content in AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure

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  • Red Hat Update Infrastructure v.3
  • Extended Life-cycle Support repository


  • Using the latest rh-amazon-rhui-client rpm, I'm unable to enable the rhel-6-server-els-rhui-rpms repository.
  • How can I continue updating my RHEL 6 clients after November 30, 2020?


  • For users with systems deployed in Google Cloud, please refer to Google's documentation here

  • For users with systems deployed in Microsoft Azure, please refer to Microsoft's documentation here

  • For users with systems deployed in Amazon Web Services (AWS), please choose from one of the methods below:
    1) For all current/existing RHEL 6 systems, migrate from 1 system to another using the method outlined here.
    For all new builds, please use the image RHEL-6.10ELS_HVM-20201107-x86_64-1-Hourly2-GP2
    Support for this method will be provided through Amazon services with respect to their scope of support. Any issues with this method should be reported to AWS Support

    2) Contact Red Hat Sales to purchase a subscription for RHEL 6 ELS content for use with your Marketplace AMI. Please note that his method will require additional steps if your system is currently configured to consume content from AWS's RHUI infrastructure which could include, but not limited to:
    - Removing AWS RHUI configurations from each client
    - Open additional network access for systems to reach
    - Include additional firewall/proxy configurations for access to third-party services.
    Any issues with this method are supported by Red Hat with a valid RHEL 6 ELS subscription within the scope of the product and services covered by the subscription. Issues with AWS network configurations and settings are covered by AWS with respect to their scope of support.

Diagnostic Steps

There are 3 repositories available with RHEL 6 ELS availability:

  • From RHUI:

    • rhel-6-server-els-rhui-rpms
    • rhel-6-server-els-rhui-debug-rpms
    • rhel-6-server-els-rhui-source-rpms
  • From CDN:

    • rhel-6-server-els-rpms
    • rhel-6-server-els-debug-rpms
    • rhel-6-server-els-source-rpms

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