How to solve poor performance problem with Samba3x in RHEL5?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Update 6

  • Samba versions 3.3.28 and 3.5.4 (samba3x series)

  • Samba serving as a CUPS print spooler


  • Using samba3.0 in a printer server solution (samba+winbind+ cups) everything was ok. After migration to samba3x (initially samba3.3) customer notice a high CPU and
    memory utilization.

  • Once this performance problem occurs, samba stop responding requests due lack of resources.


There is a performance problem in these versions due the number of calls samba is doing. It was considered a bug and the fix is now available via Errata:

The solution is update samba package for version samba3x-3.5.4-0.83 that contains a fix for this issue or newer version.

Root Cause

The problem was caused by the following bug that was already fixed:

Bug 701975 - Poor performance with Samba3x

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