While Using LogForwarding API, Forwarding logs to `Splunk` and `Syslog` server records `garbage` values.

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  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
    • 4.5
    • 4.6


  • While Using Using LogForwarding API, Forwarding logs to Splunk and Syslog server records garbage values.


  • As of now Forwarding[ RHOCP 4.5/4.6] logs to Splunk using Logforwading API is not supported.

Root Cause

    elasticsearch to forward logs to an external Elasticsearch v5.x cluster, specified by server name or FQDN, and/or the internal OpenShift Container Platform Elasticsearch logstore.

    forward to forward logs to an external log aggregation solution. This option uses the Fluentd forward protocols.
  • Sending Log to Splunk with Forwarding type will have a garbage value as Splunk doesn't understand the forward protocol.
  • From 4.6 onwards LogForwarding API Red Hat only supports kafka, syslog, fluend and elasticsearch as an external log store.

Diagnostic Steps

  • Check Log Forwarding API YAML file to check type configured

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A clarification, you mean sending to splunk directly is not supported, however supported via fluentd instance as described in https://access.redhat.com/solutions/5368181

Yes. This KCS is talking about the scenario whereby if you try to forward the logs directly (without fluentd forwarder in between) to splunk, you will get garbage values.