How to proxy HTTP requests in Camel?

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  • Fuse Mediation Route 2.x
  • JBoss Fuse 6.0


Can you please provide an example on how to configure HTTP Proxying in Camel?


HTTP Proxying in Camel is documented in chapter "Proxying HTTP" in the JBoss Fuse 6.0 "Web Services and Routing with Camel CXF" Guide.

If you look for a ready-to-use demo, please check out the demo at

Simply follow the instruction in the provided

This demo uses the following simple route definition to proxy HTTP requests from http://localhost:9000/weather to

<camelContext xmlns="">
  <route id="camel-http-proxy">
    <from uri="jetty://http://localhost:9000/weather?matchOnUriPrefix=true"/>
    <to uri=";throwExceptionOnFailure=false" />
    <to uri="log:MyLogger?level=INFO&amp;showAll=true" />

Its important to use matchOnUriPrefix=true and bridgeEndpoint=true.

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