How to install OpenShift Container Platform CLI (oc client) on Atomic Host

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host 7


  • The "oc client" is not available on the nodes after OpenShift upgrade, how can it be installed on rhel atomic host ?


  • There are 2 options to get "oc client" available on an RHEL Atomic Host and admin privileges is required

    1. Install the package "atomic-openshift-clients", this option will required the system reboot

      # rpm-ostree install atomic-openshift-clients
      # systemctl reboot  
    2. Download the image ose-cli and copy "oc" binary into a local binary path.

      • Fetch the system container image from the registry

        # atomic pull --storage ostree
        Getting image source signatures
        Copying blob 872582724f33 done
        Copying blob b13ffc206103 done
        Copying blob 8a42fc1252e7 done
        Copying blob 7adf1a06f6ce done
        Copying blob d12129f876ae done
        Copying config eca456704c done
        Writing manifest to image destination
        Storing signatures
      • Mount the underlying file system of the image into a temporal directory on the host file system

        # mkdir /tmp/ose-cli
        # atomic mount --storage ostree /tmp/ose-cli
      • Copy the "oc client" into the local binary path

        # cp /tmp/ose-cli/usr/bin/oc /usr/bin/local/oc
      • Unmount the image previously mounted

        # atomic umount /tmp/ose-cli

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