OpenShift Container Platform 4 & Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud (formerly known as Twistlock)

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  • OpenShift Container Platform 4.x

  • Twistlock was acquired by Palo Alto Network in 2019 and became part of the Prisma Cloud product afterwards


  • Before when TwistLock was installed on OpenShift Container Platform 4, it modified the crio.conf file and prevented the operator from upgrading.


This issue has been reported to Palo Alto Networks.

Take a backup of the MachineConfig before any upgrade :

$ oc get machineconfig <01-worker-xxx> -o yaml > 01-worker-mc-xxx.yaml

Prior to Upgrade :

1. Uninstall Twistlock defender pods

2. Restore Container runtime config

$ oc apply -f 01-worker-mc-xxx.yaml

3. Check MCO is not reporting degraded state

Trigger an OpenShift upgrade if required. 

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