Why does root user fail to login with password when all users are forced to login with smart card?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.x
  • smart card


  • root user is unable to login without smart card


  • This is a known issue. It is being tracked under Red Hat Bugzilla 1845640. Open a service ticket for more information on it through the Red Hat Customer Portal.

Diagnostic Steps

  • To force all users login with smart card
 # authselect select sssd with-smartcard with-smartcard-required --force
 # authselect current
Profile ID: sssd
Enabled features:
- with-mkhomedir
- with-smartcard
- with-pamaccess
- with-smartcard-required
  • Workaround:
 # authselect select sssd with-smartcard with-smartcard-lock-on-removal --force

 # systemctl stop sssd; rm -rf /var/lib/sss/{db,mc}/*; systemctl start sssd

Note: With workaround root user can login with the password but other users are also able to login with password.

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