'ocs-operator' fails to reconcile the cluster due to 'StorageClassName' set to 'null' in StorageClassDeviceSet.

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  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage 4.3
  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage 4.4


  • noobaa-endpoint keeps starting and ending at CrashLoopBackOff state after upgrading OCS cluster

  • OCS cluster is upgraded to the next version, but the Ceph cluster is not upgraded.

  • ocs-operator fails to reconcile the cluster due to StorageClassName set to null in StorageClassDeviceSet.


  • The solution is to modify the StorageCluster to explicitly specify the desired StorageClass for creating OSD PVCs.

     1. Take a backup of StorageCluster:
     # oc get StorageCluster ocs-storagecluster -oyaml > StorageCluster.yaml
     2. Edit the StorageCluster:
     # oc edit StorageCluster ocs-storagecluster
       - config: {}
         count: 1
             creationTimestamp: null
             - ReadWriteOnce
                 storage: 2Ti
             storageClassName: null                   <----------------- Change here
             volumeMode: Block
           status: {}
         name: ocs-deviceset
         placement: {}
         portable: true
         replica: 3
         resources: {}
       version: 4.3.0

Root Cause

  • In OCP v4.3 the UI had a bug where it was inappropriately setting an empty string when selecting a StorageClass at the time of deploying OCS cluster.

  • In OCS v4.3 a check was introduced to not allow an empty string as the StorageClassName for the StorageClassDeviceSet.

  • The OCS v4.2 did not have any check, so it allowed the StorageCluster creation to go through. And on upgrade to OCS v4.3, the check was present in ocs-operator and it refused to reconcile.

  • This issue is fixed in OCP 4.4, BZ #1812448.

Diagnostic Steps

  • The ocs-operator logs will have following Error:
$ oc logs ocs-operator-<pod-suffix> | grep 'no StorageClass specified'
2020-06-11T16:16:53.986834199Z {"level":"error","ts":"2020-06-11T16:16:53.986Z","logger":"controller_storagecluster","msg":"Failed to validate StorageDeviceSets","Request.Namespace":"openshift-storage","Request.Name":"ocs-storagecluster","error":"failed to validate StorageDeviceSet 0: no StorageClass specified", ...}

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