'KubeHpaMaxedOut' alert are continuously firing for 'noobaa-endpoint' when OCS 4.x is deployed on OCP v4.4 or above.

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  • OpenShift Container Platform 4.4 or above
  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage 4.x


  • The following alert is seen after upgrading OCP to 4.4 or deploying a fresh OCS 4.x cluster on OCP 4.4 for noobaa-endpoint

    HPA `openshift-storage/noobaa-endpoint` has been running at max replicas for longer than 15 minutes.


  • OCP provides the functionality of silencing the alerts in managing cluster alerts.

  • From the perspective of the OCS, this alert should be ignored. These alerts can be silenced to separate them from the list of active alerts.

  • This issue is being tracked in BZ #1836299

Root Cause

  • The Horizontal Pod Autoscaling(HPA) for the noobaa-endpoint pod is set to MAX=1 due to which alert KubeHpaMaxedOut is seen for noobaa-endpoint.

  • Autoscaling feature for the noobaa-endpoint pod is not available in Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage 4.3 and that is the reason MAX HPA value can not be greater than 1.

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