OSP13 instances, only go to external networks in a single compute node

Updated 2020-03-16T18:45:47+00:00


  • 3 instances were generated in the OSP13 infrastructure, they are positioned on the same network, and only one instance connects to the external networks to OSP13.

  • journalctl --no-pager --unit ovs-vswitchd returns the following on one of the computes:

Mar 04 09:00:55 dpdk-compute-1 ovs-vswitchd[12515]: ovs|04211|dpdk|ERR|RING: Cannot reserve memory
Mar 04 09:00:56 dpdk-compute-1 ovs-vswitchd[12515]: ovs|04212|dpdk|ERR|RING: Cannot reserve memory
Mar 04 09:15:02 dpdk-compute-1 ovs-vswitchd[12515]: ovs|00001|dpdk|ERR|PMD: rte_enic_pmd: WQ[0] error_status 9
Mar 05 18:09:08 dpdk-compute-1 ovs-vswitchd[12515]: ovs|07692|dpdk|ERR|VHOST_CONFIG: recvmsg failed
Mar 05 18:19:09 dpdk-compute-1 ovs-vswitchd[12515]: ovs|07760|dpdk|ERR|VHOST_CONFIG: recvmsg failed


  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13.0 (RHOSP)

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